Yago Muñoz

Mexican Filmmaker and producer.

Born and raised in Mexico City in 1990.


Studies Acting and direction at the Sanford Meisner Center in Los Angeles, California and Music composition at Fermatta College of Music in Mexico.


Yago has been working in the film industry since he was young as an actor. In his twenties he started directing music videos for artists such as Pønce, Like, Emilia,  among others. Tv commercials for international brands like Corona, Volaris Airlines and Estafeta. The pilot for a TV show "Baja Rush" which is currently under review for approval.

His first film, Paper Boat, just won Best feature and Best Directing in The Art of Brooklyn FF 2019.

Executive Producer / Actress


Executive Producer / Actor


Alexandra Melkman

I worked as an actress in Mexico from 2000 to 2007, as Alexa Damian. During that time I worked on a number of television series with leading actress roles, a young mechanic in “Primer  Amor”, a teacher in “clase 406”, a girl suffering of multiple personality disorder in “Barrera de Amor” and lastly the main villain in  a melodrama filmed in Miami called “Las Dos Caras de Ana”.  I also worked on two films “Equinoccio y la piramide magica” and “La Ultima Mirada”.


 I was immersed in my acting career,  until love came through the door and I decided to leave everything behind and travel the world with my new love Mr. Melkman. Now, after living in London, and Geneva we recently moved to New York, happily married and with our  three wonderful children that I have devoted the most recent chapter of my life to. 


The political environment in the US currently made me feel it was imperative to give a face, and voice, to the  thousands of immigrants who follow their American dream and are now being sent home.  I wanted to give those who find themselves heading home a glimmer of hope. Having come from a family of storytellers, producers, directors, and actors I felt I had the tools to embark on this adventure, and that is how I came to produce, and act, in my first start  to finish feature film creation, “Paper Boats”.

Pedro Damian 

Actor, director and producer. Pedro Damian has produced over thirty television series, directed more than twenty television series and multiple theater productions, and as an actor performed in a significant library of television series, films and plays over four  decades. He has published three books and is a member of the México Unido Foundation in collaboration with UNICEF.


Part of his filmography as an actor would include ¨The return of a man called Horse¨, ¨El Ala del Aguila¨, ¨Mojado Power¨, ¨The Old Gringo¨, ¨Collateral Damage¨, "Show Time", “Amar te Duele”, “Cansada de Besar Sapos”, “Madrid-México”, “Cabeza de Buda”, “Amar”, “Deseo” with the most recent  “Paper Boats” with directors such as:  Anthony Harvey, Inving Kerschner, Alfonso Arau, Yago Muñoz,  Luis Puenzo,  Tom Dey, and others.


In television he has appeared in multiple programs among them  ¨El Amor Tiene Cara de Mujer¨, ¨Mundo de  Juguete¨, ¨Humillados y Ofendidos¨, ¨El Vuelo del Aguila¨,  ¨Los Lunes  de Teatro¨, ¨Teatro Breve¨, “SOS y Otros Secretos”, and as a TV conductor in ¨La Hora Cero¨


In theater plays such as:   La Celestina - Fernando Rojas, Las Madres  - Luis G. Basurto, Bodas de Sangre - Federico García Lorca, El Sistema Brigadier - George Feydau, with directors like Miguel Sabido, Xavier Rojas and Adam Guevara and many more.


He has directed and produced many successful tv shows such as. ¨El Abuelo y Yo¨,  ¨Angeles Sin Paraíso¨,  ¨Prisionera de Amor¨, ¨Si Dios Me Quita La vida¨, ¨Mi Pequeña Traviesa¨, ¨Preciosa¨, ¨Amor Gitano¨, ¨Primer Amor... A 1000 X Hora¨, "Clase 406", “Rebelde”, “Lola… Érase Una Vez”, “Verano de Amor”, “Niña de Mi Corazón”, “Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse”,”Amo Despertar Contigo”, “Miss XV” for Nickelodeon and more recently “LIKE, La Leyenda” .  



Carlo Muñoz

He has a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Literary Creation by the Casa Lamm University and a Postproducer diploma by SAE institute.

Writer, film editor and post producer, he started his career as a researcher for the Mexican Institute of Belle Arts and Literature (INBAL), his work there led to the publication of Ellas le Cantan a la Danza, an anthology of Mexican poetry, after that, he worked on many translations of classic literary works like H.P. Lovecraft’s Complete Narrative and Scott Fitzgerald’s Complete Short Stories for the editorial group Editores Mexicanos Unidos.

As a screenwriter he wrote the screenplay for the movie Paper Boats.


As a film editor, he worked on many music videos and commercials for Desierto Films, his own production company, and for the motion picture Paper Boats alongside Alexandro Rodriguez. He also edited the documentary series México 68, A medio siglo, alongside Francisco X. Rivera.


He has continued his work as a post producer for many videoclips and commercials for Mexican television and digital platforms.



Alexandro Rodriguez

Alexandro Rodríguez is a  renown Mexican film editor with more than twenty film credits. 

He has worked in several major motion pictures as well as in the independent scene.


He has worked extensively with Alfonso Cuarón, commencing with Y tu mamá también (2001). He and Cuarón were nominated for the Academy Award for Film Editing for the film Children of Men (2006).

Director of Photography


Bruno Gaeta

Mexico City based cinematographer, Bruno Gaeta has filmed feature films and documentary films, several music videos and commercials.


He was born in Uruguay, but he graduated as a cinematographer from the prestigious CUEC-UNAM (Mexico).

Since then, he has been working in Mexican Film Industry, he has shot the long features: Luna Mortis by Rafael Rangel and Paper boats (Best Narrative Feature & Best Directing in The Art of Blrookyn FF 2019).